Steve B’s Waterfront Cafe & Biergarten – Fort Myers, FL

Hey Guys and Gals,

I got the opportunity to shoot a travel vlog for Steve B’s Waterfront Cafe & Biergarten – Fort Myers, FL. The Comedy and Jazz featured Sally Sayh and famous comedian David Sayh. Comedian Karl and his dog were a great hit! If you are in Fort Myers make sure you stop in to see Steve and his wonderful cafe!

I hope you enjoy the video! It was a blast to make!

Doing A YouTube Weight Loss VLOG

Day 4 Weight Loss VLOG


I have been toying with the idea of doing a VLOG to assist in my weight loss. Last week, I finally worked up the nerve to record myself. I have always been comfortable filming others but now the camera is on me. It’s time to see how much fun I have just being myself.

Enjoy the VLOG, comment and subscribe. I’m hoping that this will keep me accountable and help me reach my goal. Also, you will have a reason to smile!

Say Goodbye To The Fat Me


Hey guys!

Wow, I still can’t believe I didn’t notice myself getting soo big. It took me a while to feel comfortable enough to post some fat pictures of myself.  But if you were around me you already knew 🙂  I’m not at my goal weight or shape yet but I am determined to get there. Here are a few things that made a difference in my journey.

The first thing I did was to stop beating myself up about the damage that was already done. “Ok, I’m fat, and I don’t look like the fit people I see on tv.” I realized that the guilt trips I gave myself actually drove my actions. If I was depressed I would eat. Many of you will understand this. I think that was silly now but now that I realize I’m an emotional eater I can switch food for activity.

20150707_115904 My wife actually made a big difference when it came to stress. I used to hold everything in and she was a talker. By sharing my thoughts I actually brought my stress levels down. That led to less emotional food cravings.


Now the next thing I did was get moving every day. I didn’t really care what activity we did as long a we did something.  But, I really love going to the gym.  Some people feel intimidated going to the gym. I just put on my headphones and focus on my exercise.

20150807_004351The key to the gym is to have a plan before you go in. I actually started out doing way to much cardio. I would do 2-3 hours on some days. That actually killed my muscle growth. Muscle actually helps you burn more fat and shapes your body. I found a few good trainers on YouTube and followed them. I cut my cardio down to warm up and on gym off days. Changes took place in my body right away.

With exercise in full swing my diet had to be addressed. I wasn’t drinking water or making smart choices. I still don’t count my calories but choose smaller portions. Water is a must. In the morning, I grab a gallon jug of purified water and work on that for the day. Now even at restaurants I will choose water. I eat what I want in moderation and choose more whole foods. Not depriving myself of cravings and finding healthy ways to do it is actually fun. I try more foods and I’m much happier.


Join me in saying goodbye to the fat me. I will be posting more of my weight-loss and would love to get tips and tricks from all of your weight-loss journeys. Catch you on the go!


Hey guys! The sun is going down and this beautiful sunset has a different emotion stirring in me tonight.


As the day ends and my head hits the pillow –  I think about all of the things I have yet to accomplish. My mind is still racing and the adrenaline from the day has just started to subside.

“Don’t go down yet!” “I’m not done!”  How many times have you just wanted to stop time?  I wanted to complete all of the things on my to-do list. I started the day at full speed and time still slipped away.  Nothing could save the day. It’s time to hit the sack.


Ok, where is my favorite pillow? I  grabbed my favorite fluffy pillow from between the wall and the bed and got a little more comfortable. Closed my eyes and realized that my to-do list wasn’t really that important. Tasks and more tasks. But, if I had completed them I would have just planned for the next day and felt just as unfulfilled.

Has it gone down yet? I cracked my eyelids to peek at the sunset.  “It’s beautiful, ok, I know” I’m still restless. My favorite pillow gets the best of me and I let out a yawn and start to relax.


A second yawn comes out along with a settling thought….Tomorrow’s sunset will be different. I will make my to-do list. This time I will make sure to add the  woman I love to the top.  I can prioritize the others. So, if I only complete a few tasks they will be the most important ones.


If you are like me and it seems like there is never enough  time in the day – don’t forget to add the people most important to you to the top of your to-do list. If you put them at the bottom you may be looking at the sunset hoping for more time and going to bed unfulfilled.


Tomorrow’s sunset will be wonderful! I have placed it on my to-do list. Have a good night!

Going GoPro: A Must Have For My Travel Blog!

Hey Guys.

Now getting this video blog started is one of the best things I have done in a while. I looked at the guys and gals on YouTube and thought about how I would love to do what they do. So why not? I said “let’s do it!” My wife Bonni was all aboard.  We took a trip to downtown and the beach areas for Fort Myers, Florida.

Fort Myers Downtown
Fort Myers Downtown
Fort Myers Beach Lighthouse
Fort Myers Beach Lighthouse

We took a bunch of pictures and drove the car through downtown. It was pretty fun! One of the things we noticed is that a lot of the pictures were out of focus and jumpy. Fort Myers has a cobblestone roads and we could not keep the camera steady. While shooting a video or picture on our Galaxy Note phones seemed to be great on all occasions it just didn’t get the quality we were looking for while on the go.

After lots of research on the best device to record our blog videos, the GoPro 4 Silver won us over. We compared the latest camera devices available. The addition of the back door display was the key for GoPro Silver 4.

GoPro 4 Silver
GoPro 4 Silver
GoPro 4 Silver
GoPro 4 Silver
GoPro Accessories
GoPro Accessories

Now, Let me tell you the excitement didn’t stop when we decided on a camera. There are an unlimited amount of accessories you can buy to make sure the GoPro fits your needs. We purchased GoPro branded accessories and aftermarket types. We can wait to try them all out.


The first videos I will shoot will be virtual bike ride videos for my YouTube channel and my blog. I hope you will enjoy them! Catch you on the go!


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Fit Couple

My 3 Simple Weight Loss Mistakes!

“I’m going to set aside two hours each day to work out!” The fat was supposed to melt off with all of the exercise I was doing. Sure, I was losing weight but my body was not changing the way I wanted it to. I was completely exhausted for the rest of the day. My determination never waivered and the results I wanted never came until I changed three things.

Burnt Out
Burnt Out

1. Stop the dieting!

Every morning I would wake up and turn on the latest weight loss infomercial. This was my way to get excited about exercising.  Most of the time it actually worked because I wanted to be as fit as one of the fitness models. Now,  I am in pretty good shape but I wanted the airbrushed look.  In the small print you could read” the results may vary” and every program required a diet plan. It’s no surprise that what you eat holds the key to your results.

Diet Plans
Diet Plans

Like many of my friends, I was willing to try any diet plan that worked. I must have watched 100 YouTube videos about weight loss. You can get lost in the confusion you create with all of that knowledge. I jumped right in with the Master Cleanse followed by The 100 Diet by Jorge Cruise. When I didn’t see the results I wanted I followed up with the Atkins and Ketogenic diets.

Extra Belly Fat
Extra Belly Fat

The numbers on the bathroom scale were going down, then up, then down again. So where my moods. in a few weeks, I did loose the weight I wanted and I was completely miserable! Every diet seemed to cut out everything I loved. This could never last. I made the decision to eat a variety of items but keep eating healthy.  When I wanted a treat I had one. Eating without denying myself was great!  The weight is still melting away. Forget making a diet a lifestyle and just make healthy choices a lifestyle.

2. Work out less!

I would prepare for the gym like I was going to war. I would make sure all of the essentials were ready and I was off. I didn’t have workout plan. My goal was just to give my body all it could take and burn as many calories I could during my two hour time slot.  There was nothing left in the  gym. I left when I was completely exhausted.

Exhausted Runner
Exhausted Runner

What I didn’t know was that instead of building the muscle I wanted, my body was feeding on itself just to recover.  The extra cardiovascular exercise actually produced unwanted results. With smaller muscles my weight fluctuated much more. Frustrated and disgusted that my journey may be impossible I took some time to reflect on my lack of a workable plan.  I found the answer and it required me to work out less.

Strength Training
Strength Training

Strength training was the answer. Now don’t worry about looking  like a pro bodybuilder unless you choose to. It takes a lot of work and commitment to get there.  The key is having more muscle mass on your body to burn more fat. Your body becomes more shapely and even at rest you will burn more calories. My workouts are now 45 minutes to 1 hour long and I am seeing great results! My body now has the rest it needs to build new muscle. I finally see the results that seemed so elusive before.

3. Drink more water!

Drink, drink, drink more water.   I loved soda, orange juice, coffee and tea. I would drink a water bottle or two along with the other fluids I was consuming during the day.  I would get thirsty during my workouts and some times during the day.  I didn’t realize my body wasn’t properly hydrated.

Drink Water
Drink Water

I really didn’t know if adding more water to my diet would make a difference.   The other drinks where just empty calories and needed to be reduced. I bought a new water bottle and made a resolution to drink more water.  A couple of amazing things happened.   My occasional  stomach aches went away and I was heading to the bathroom regularly. I sleep better and noticed my dry skin spots have disappeared. There is always a water bottle within reach and I sip on it throughout the day. Being thirsty is rare. I have almost eliminated  the sugary drinks and my body craves just plain water.

What I once thought of as a frustrating battle came down to three simple tweets to my life. Today, I feel healthier than I have ever felt. I wish I would have changed these three things in my diet years ago.

Beach hammock

Live Love Laugh

There comes a time when we all say enough is enough. My day came after 3 years of working 70+ hours a week for a company that didn’t value employees and always pushed us for more. Paydays added little to no recompense for the time lost with family and friends. I kept telling myself that with more money comes more happiness. This extra effort put me on a never ending wheel to work harder and make more money.

Hamster Wheel
Never Ending!

I’m not sure what the meaning of life is but I know it’s not to work yourself into an early grave. I wish I could have realized this earlier but hey I was too busy working. I was lucky enough to meet a beautiful woman that didn’t care about how big my paycheck was. What she valued was time.

hamster wheel for sale!
Getting off the wheel!

I didn’t really get that idea at first. What did she mean? Doesn’t everyone care about money? Doesn’t money make world go around? Was she just saying that? After lots of hard discussions I made the decided to quit my job and start our own business. What I found out was more than I expected.

Beach hammock
Beach Hammock

Time. It’s just amazing what happens in your life when you have more time. Cooking at home meant we had time to cook healthier meals. Eating healthier meals sparked a 40 pound weight loss for me. Not only was I healthier but I could look into hobbies not possible just a short time ago. Not dealing with the extra stress helped and actually came with the bonus of clearer skin. While these changes are important, what I now value most is my time. I want to do more with the time I have.

Beach Table
Enjoying Life!

I will be grabbing life by the horns, learning all I can from others, and sharing my experiences with you. Oh, I cant forget to mention that I married that beautiful woman.

So now is the time to live, love and laugh! I hope you enjoy my blog!